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Who we are ?
Swami Harish Bharatiji [Senior Ayurvedic Doctor & Member of Pharmacy]
The Proprietary of Osho Ayu Lab are formulated on the basis of 100% result oriented by the famous Ras Vaidya of Gujarat Swami Harish Bhartiji. The formulations have a base of 30 Years of ayurvedic Practice research of Swami Harish Bharatiji.
Vaidyaraj is still practicing & curing many patients of Gujarat & even out side of Gujarat from complicated disease like Vat-Vyadhi, Stomach & intestinal disease, Heart disease, Blood pressure, Blockage in Artery, Jalodar, Skin disease and much more with 100% results.
Vaidyaraj has practiced as a visiting vaidya for 10 years in chief cities of Saurashtra & Gujarat like Rajkot, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat & even Mumbai, thousands of patients have got the benefit of their knowledge and free themselves from many complicated disease.
Even doctors of abroad from America & Germany gots treatment from vaidyaraj and now they are getting telephonic guidance for themselves & their patients too.
R. D. Ardeshana [Senior Production Manager & One of Partner of Pharmacy]
Mr. R. D. Ardeshana is one of the partner of Pharmacy and senior production manager. All the products of pharmacy were preparing by him in the begging of pharmacy. He had worked hard for many years, due to which Osho Ayu Lab had achieved good position in the market today.
Now he had hand over his charge to our Junior Production Manager Mr. Jitendra Dave.
Dr. Bhushan H. Dave [Junior Ayurvedic Doctor & Son of Harish bharati]
Dr. Bhushan H. Dave is a son of Swami Harishbharti. He had completed his degree from. Rajiv Gandhi University Banglore in a year March 2012. He had done his internship under Swami Harish Bharti. Dr. Bhushan had practice 1 year in Ahmedabad as a full time physician at OSHO Ayurvedic Chikitsalay. Now Dr. Bhushan is practicing at Rajkot at Bhushan Ausadhalay with Swami Harish Bharti as a full time Physician.
Jitendra H. Dave [Junior Production Manager]
Hareshbhai A. Ardeshana [Dioprilator & Sales Manager]
Tanujbhai A. Ardeshana [Accounts & Administration]